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Nutrition Square

Consulting, Digital / August, 2014

Nestlé wishes to contribute to the quality of life of its consumers, especially through education and information on nutrition and health, a useful tool in the daily practice of health professionals and dieticians. It is therefore that in Belgium, Nestlé and Karott’ have combined forces to develop a digital and educational platform to meet the needs of healthcare professionals: provides various tools to assist experts in their consultations. The project provides information for experts as well as practical tools for their patients. These educational infographics are developed in collaboration with Belgian dietician associations (UPDLF / VBVD).

Consulting, Copy, Design, Digital, Nutrition / July, 2013

Perceptions about sweeteners are often not scientifically proven. In this context the platform has been created, the mission of this project is to inform healthcare professionals and consumers accurately and to counteract the misleading views. The platform distributes scientific information in several novel formats: Articles, Test, Quiz, Q&A, Infographics, etc. Karott’ manages the editorial content and validation by independent experts, publishing, SEO / SEA strategy, community management of all social networks (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) and the monthly digital newsletter. Karott ‘also carries out the production of print material and the organisation of events on specific topics (round table, workshops, etc.).

Other projects

Consulting, Copy, Design, Health, Nutrition / August, 2007

In line with our mission for providing health and nutrition information, Karott’ meets and accompanies various leading partners and clients in the agro-food industry, pharmaceutical or institutional sectors … Want to know more? Find here an overview of the companies we currently consult in their projects!