10 years of Karott’

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On 6th August 2007, Karott’ saw the light of day. So, 2017 is an anniversary year when we will be celebrating our 10th birthday. Hurray!

We are planning a great 10th anniversary with bright orange celebrations for our customers and partners. After 3,107 fun days at work, 60 birthday cakes “for internal use only”, 10 years of custom service and a total of just over 184 years of dedicated expertise, the 11 unique, endearing gourmet, tried-and-tested creative talents that make up our Karott’ team still plan to come up with a few surprises. Would you like to get to know our superb team better? Visit the Team page. And long live the Karott’s!

In our first ten years, we have got fabulous projects off the ground together and edited no fewer than 36 Food In Action magazines! Food In Action is the number-one benchmark magazine dealing with every aspect of nutrition, from scientific research to the ingredients on your plate, as well as the latest trends, dietary behaviour, exercise, new products and so on. Today, the magazine alone brings together more than 40% of the healthcare professionals interested in nutrition. Yes, that means you: our loyal subscribers.

You may have noticed the first flash of orange announcing our 10th anniversary in the form of our all-new website, www.foodinaction.com. It has been a platform for interactive information and a daily meeting place for health and nutrition professionals since 2008. Foodinaction.com allows you to follow all the developments in nutrition in real time, benefit from reference tools that are useful and practical for your consultations, and share content with your peers. We are so proud of our Food In Action community and its 6,750 members that we simply have to invite you to discover all the treasures it has to offer here!

Ten years already! We could never have done it without you. So, thank you for believing in us and helping us to mature, grow and develop in response to your demands, briefings and other challenges. Thank you too for your confidence and trust. We are looking forward to continuing on our orange adventure, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to put your wildest health and nutrition ideas into practice! Just click here.