Karott' guides you in your communication on Health and Nutrition
Karott' optimizes your customized Digital Strategy
Karott' provides you with unique and value-added content
Karott' creates your communication in different formats

Our added value

Our know-how

Communication cannot be improvised, but requires synergy, dialogue, analysis and expertise.


The Karott' Touch

Precision combined with a unique design, as well as with passion and commitment. Karott' makes these resources available to her customers to deliver contemporary, clear and purposeful content in different and original formats.


Making it known, that's our know-how

Karott’ puts originality and creativity next to quality, without compromising on precision and science.


A unique vision

Creating unique and objective content from scratch and designing an attractive format which strengthens your Health and Nutrition communication.


Custom consults

Together we create a targeted, value-added and refreshing strategy. Personal project guidance: blogs, e-books, white papers, newsletters, articles, photos, videos, infographics, web applications ... We help to spread your message and to convince your target audience (s) of the quality of products or services.


#Foodinaction our media

• Food In Action - Magazine: a trimestrial magazine for professionals with an interest in Nutrition and Health. Reviews of scientific studies, trends and practical tools. All in one, free and refreshing!

• Foodinaction.com: an online platform on Nutrition and Health, the reference for practical tools and didactic material, useful for consultations and an interactive approach.

We're listening

Our Skills

Finding the right words and developping the best format, thanks to our unmatched creativity!


From nutrition to pharmaceuticals and prevention, Karott 'explores all dimensions linked to Health in order to respond to needs and to meet the expectations of both health professionals, patients and consumers.


We design science-based content about nutrition and health, which is powerful and creative at the same time in a world of change.

(Brand) Positioning

Credibility, relevance and pleasure. We help brands to position themselves in a healthy and balanced lifestyle to meet the needs of consumers, as well as to engage in sustainability.


Digital and Print, we believe that both worlds complement each other. We reconcile results with creativity to provide our customers with the resources that best match their needs.

Workshops / Networking

Strengthened by our experience and background, distinguished by the dialogue between experts, we develop the right strategy and relevant content by creating key points. This connects all stakeholders: institutions, healthcare professionals, influencers and consumers.

Our mission

Inspire the world by helping companies to distribute accurate and refreshing information so that consumers and patients' choices are both healthy and pleasant.

Our vision

A world in which choices are conscious and clear and where the quest for "health" becomes a pleasure. A world in which the concept of prevention is prior to healthcare professionals, citizens and policy.

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The process

Our method